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Molital Abrasivi was founded in 1967 in Gallo Grinzane (CN) as a small local company. At the end of 1970s it moved to Alba (CN) where it grew its clientele in the Italian and French market. In 1994, the founder sold the business to the current shareholders which, with the experience and expertise in the abrasive industry, began its expansion in Italy and today with its marketing team, it is able to cater the entire nation.


Subsequently, it established itself in the European and Middle Eastern markets where, directly or thanks to local agents, it was able to develop a solid clientele. In 2001, with the transfer to the new and larger plant in La Morra (CN), the company is further consolidated and can afford to face the world market in a significant way.


Currently, Molital Abrasivi is present in the markets of North America, South America and Australia where it promotes and develops its own brand. The company is equipped with modern and flexible machinery that allows fast and safe production, in accordance to European safety standards EN 12413 and boasts the certification of the German organization OSA (Abrasives Safety Organization).


Molital has joined the new SEAM European sustainability program promoted by F.E.P.A. (European Federation of Abrasives Manufacturers). SEAM is a project dedicated to the sustainability of the abrasive industry. To be included in this program, the company had to meet the certain requirements to ascertain quality at work, environment and production. The ISO 9001/2015 quality system guarantees that all products, designed and produced, meets the needs of various users. The continuous search for new materials and innovation in technologies mean that Molital Abrasivi can offer the best price and quality ratio, ensuring itself to be one of the best companies in the Italian abrasive industry.

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